I have been in Kamloops for 18 months now, and I have been surprised by how un-competitive the Tournament Capitol is. In adopting this branding in 2001, Kamloops has made a commitment as a Tourist Destination, both regionally, provincially, and further. Nearby SunPeaks  has been an attraction for Europeans and Asians as well. However, Kamloops is mis-allocating the spoils of this adventure, while squandering further opportunities, as well as increasingly leading our citizens blindly away from a proud independence. Instead we relinquish power to foreign stakeholders. This comedy is being orchestrated largely by distant corporate shareholders, and being enforced by a largely ill-informed and apathetic population. In boom times, as experienced from 2000-2008, the scraps tossed to Kamloops citizens we’re enough to fool us into believing that everything would be ok. Unfortunately this is not the case, anyone who has been seeking gainful employment in this town in the last year can attest. The forces which are mounting against continued prosperity in the Thompson Okanogan, are largely being ignored, whether it is through apathy, ignorance, or short-sightedness. For a region with such strategic geography, brilliant climate, and ample resources our situation seems foolhardy to me. I will admit many large issues are beyond the influence of Kamloops, but that is no excuse for our inaction, especially if it is to the detriment to our own incomes and prosperity, which it is.

Many of the issues that I will discuss have much broader connotations. I seek to highlight the economic prosperity that Kamloops could enjoy through dealing with many of the escalating circumstances, particularly relating to our tourism brand, and the sectors stemming from that: hospitality, accommodations, urban planning, venues, facilities and service sectors dedicated to supporting all this. In addition I will seek to identify the areas that us Kamloops residents can benefit in our everyday lives from the true tourist money multiplier that we should be exploiting. I have come to love Kamloops in a short time, and am excited about all the opportunity that is here, waiting to be uncovered.