Acres and Acres, a new Canadian Act from Halifax, Nova Scotia recently released their debut Album, All Nations. This Gordon Lightfoot, Niel Young inspired recording is an accurate portrayal of modern Canada and what it means to function in post-industrial society. The album is fraught with cultural criticism which is engagingly contrasted with optimism and playful lyricism. Great music, and a great message; succinctly written and beautifully articulated.

From Track 1,  “From a Forest”:

           -“From a Forest to a Field to a Farm to a Factory”; “We’ve been working these fields a long time”, “All that time working side by side”,  “It wasn’t easy, It was real”

From Track 6, “Polar Bear Song:

              -” The world turns hotter; and our [son’s] and their daughters; will deal with the water that we leave them; they’ll look back at their great grand fathers; and wonder what the hell we we’re at”

From Track 2, “Money”:

                -“Honey did you know that a kiwi is mostly petrol; Ocean liners bringing us the finer things in life”

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