Dale Bass took a shot at the Kamloops group fighting homelessness in KTW Friday. ‘A good cause for which the group meets monthly, yet nothing seems to happen.’

At the Kamloops public forum in February, 100 people turned up in support of transit, yet the fare increase was passed. BCTransit came to town this week, making inquiries about future transit development; 100’s turned up at Aberdeen Mall and Fortune Shopping Center to add their input, and yet, buses are constantly passing empty.

I attended Ray Anderson’s lecture at TRU and it was well attended, the Clocktower building teeming with environmentalists virtually pleading, “Why aren’t more people acting!

Most of us have seen An Inconvenient Truth. All of us know that every scientist has found  Climate Change to be irrefutable. At the very least we are all aqquainted with the issues. Us, the environmentalists–the activists–who show up to creosote rallies, watch every documentary, make suggestions at buying local, etc; we seem to have an inexhaustible supply of energy for being preached to.

A climate denier and an environmentalist watch a debate between an oil company CEO and a Climate Scientist. It sounds like a bad joke, but both witnesses leave further convicted of their previous beliefs. The deniers continue to deny, the environmentalists are further enraged–while the fence sitters didn’t turn up in the first place. Who is either educating? Still these environmental “educators” tour and speak. The message falls on deaf ears. The deaf audience is not the fence sitters or the deniers, it is YOU, the “educated”– the informed, the activists. Rosa Parks ignited the social rights movement. John Muir championed National Park creation. We know public policy follows the electorates actions, not the other way around! That is the nature of democracy!

WE NEED TO ACT! We do NOT need to campaign parliament, we need to purchase from farmers’ markets. If you cannot find what you need there.. grow it! Grow lots of it! Sell it! Make money doing it!

If you want to drive less then live closer! Walk! Bike! Do NOT stop there! Get some people together, rent some real estate all over town, install a bike parkade with showers. Make environmentalism economically attractive and convenient. Charge for it! Make money doing it!

Do you live in a rental apartment? Is your gas bill expensive? Import a few bits of cheap plumbing, so that your waste water pre heats the water coming into your house. Use less energy for hot water, save on your bills. Do NOT stop there! Get hundreds of them, better yet, make them yourself, sell them! Charge for them! Make money doing it!

While tons of cardboard gets recycled, tons doesn’t. Even the cardboard that is recycled goes through many energy intensive processes utilizing many synthetic chemicals. Instead, gather up all the cardboard you can, shred it, sell it to pet stores for animal bedding. What about horse breeders, cattle farmers, the SPCA? Sell it to them! Make money doing it! When it is soiled, collect it, compost it, sell the soil! Sell the worms! Make money doing it!

None of these ideas meet with your fancy? Give me a call, I have a binder of projects that I have started, which are ethical, environmental, can provide hundreds of local jobs: FOR PROFIT! Stop preaching to the choir! Don’t preach! Do not be preached to! Do something! Make money doing it!