This post is extracted from a Business Proposal currently be worked on by my company. Some of the goals that free enterprise may accomplish:

Politicians love to focus on Economics, and in the loose sense it is the most important issue to Canadians. Job security, prosperity, pensions: these are the things that keep many average residents awake at night. Concurrently, Homelessness is one of the primary issues concerning Canadians at this time. In “A Fair Country” John Ralston Saul comments on the inclusiveness of Canadians, the egalitarianism visible in single tier healthcare/education while pondering how we can be letting so many go hungry. I the author am a closet capitalist, but all the same, I do not believe homelessness and poverty to be such daunting social issues. As Malcolm Gladwell explains in “Outliers” the solutions simply lie in fair opportunity creation.

While a new childhood is impossible to bring to struggling families and persons now, opportunity is not so hard. This is not a case of subsidization, but of investment, and not the financial kind. Through the social enterprise parameters set up in the sheer design of the Forige & Associates developments. No other developer will market an apartment block on job creation but on sales alone. The Forgie approach is more holistic, looking to imbue this new neighbourhood with economic drivers. The nature of the jobs will be entrepreneurial, lending pride and confidence to previously marginalized employees. Most importantly for the community is the money multiplier for the areas residents.  As community and loyalty is bred between the areas new entrepreneurs, the local market will flourish independently, dramatically increasing the property values of the Forgie & Associates units.

This is a key component of the long term nature of Forgie Developments. While many developers will pre-sell all apartments to make a quick return, Forgie & Associates will hold on to more than 50% of the units, generating revenue from Kamloops’ most modern rental accommodation, but selling off the properties for a much higher return only a couple years down the road. A Medium-Term investment in Forgie and Associates will return much more on investment than the same quantity reinvested in shorter term paper.

Every Economist from Adam Smith knows Perfect Competition to be the most efficient market place. Many oligopolists managing huge portfolios seem to have lost sight of this defining western ideology. A dozen small/medium firms can adapt much quicker to market changes than can one larger firm–this is a true contingency plan. Smaller firms provide empowerment and pride to workers, breeding community and citizenship. Smaller firms employee more people. Lower unemployment feeds economic growth. In nurturing small business investments as a complimentary enterprise to the Forgie Developments, financial success is further reinforced. It is understood that certain commercial tenancies will be sought from franchisees for important marketing however the character development of the neighbourhood will come from the people and the businesses they build to represent themselves.

In addition, Charles Landry who both studies and consults the growth of the worlds most successful cities, from London, Silicon Valley, Barcelona down to Savannah Georgia, proclaims in his publication “The Creative City; Toolkit for Urban Innovators”, ‘[for growth to succeed] the essential requirement is a diverse population with knowledge and social skills to support whatever turns out to be the next growth sector’. ‘The portability of skills and the mobility of people forces cities to compete through the quality of their amenities, services, public realm and entertainment. It is a primary goal of Forgie and Associates and many of the partners in this enterprise that the bounty be shared with Kamloops residents as a whole. The iconic pieces of the public realm that this development brings to Kamloops will generate a great community to further investment in this plot of paradise.

While Forgie & Associates has a clear commitment to social enterprise, it is also under the realization that enterprise can be sought for profit. For this reason shares are available only to Kamloops and area residents. Bonds will be floated in partnership with MFA (AAA rating) as an acknowledgement to the long term social nature of the project, also generating revenue for BC municipalities for further reinvestment.