I hope that the significance of the Vancouver Riots over the loss of the Stanley Cup to an American team is not lost on most Kamloopsians. This is not a story of athletic achievement or failure but of politics! TSN reports that 80% of  Canadians watched Game 7 of the Stanley cup and thousands were inspired to destroy property of no association to the Canucks. 61.4% of Canadians turned out for Canada’s recent federal election. The fault here lies with our elite–how is it that Canadians find a 60 minute hockey game more relevant to their lives than the governance of their reputation and finances! Charles Landry writes,”crime will not be reduced by tinkering with sentencing policy, but through public engagement.” This parable is clear.

The pine bark beetle aids in the destruction of our forestry industry by a long succession of mild winters. However the question on Canadians minds is not Climate Change. Since 1989 various partisan parliaments have reduced government subsidy to medical schools drastically and Canadians fail to understand the increasing disservice of our Healthcare system. 40% of Canadians with families have not seen a raise in income for 30 years. Statistics Canada reports that 60% of guests at homeless shelters have full-time employment. Municipal governments subsidize expanded infrastructure when the cash flow does not maintain the current infrastructure–property taxes rise.

And yet Hockey is more relevant to Canadians than who we elect to represent and preserve our reputation, dignity, honour, stability, employment and finances.